The aim of the club in team selection is to form playing groups that are balanced with similar ability across all positions. The club aims to ensure team selection is conducted fairly, equitably and in the best interest of both club and player.

Our 2019 Teams for Saturday Comp:

11U Sapphires

11U Gems

11U Opals

11U Crystals

11U Zircons

11U Amethysts

13U Emeralds

13U Ambers

15U Garnets

15U Quartz

17U Moonstones

Open Diamonds

Open Pearls

Open Topaz

Open Jades

Open Aquamarines

Open Turquoise

Open Jaspers

Open Rubies

Our 2019 Night Netball Teams:

Open Dodgers

Open Crystals

Open Gems

Our 2019 Sunday Mixed Teams:

Waverley Meadows Fireworks

Waverley Meadow Flames