Netball Tip #3 - October 15, 2018

Core, Speed & Endurance

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Netball is normally played at a fast pace and you’ll be expected to move about a lot, so it's important to get fit overall. It is important to do exercises that strengthen your core, stability and balance, improve your speed and increase your endurance.  

Core strength, stability and balance: No matter what position you’ll be playing, strengthening these areas will assist you in being able to perform better and recover quicker. To improve strength, planking regularly can assist in making your core strong. To improve stability and balance, performing strengthening exercises for the arms and chest while on a balancing board can help.

Increasing your speed: Speed is a vital element of the game with players needing to get into position quickly, change direction suddenly or jump up to intercept the ball. Some exercises that assist in increasing your speed and strength are jumping up stairs, low hurdles or skipping. Sprinting short distances can also be useful for netballers to improve leg strength.  

Building your endurance: Endurance is essential to maintain strength throughout the whole game. Running is a good exercise to assist in increasing your endurance. You could increase the distance you run each week. This will also help in your overall fitness.  

 mportant, so be sure to move the limbs through a range of motions.

Enjoy your netball !!

Each fortnight we will be providing a ‘Netball’ tip. If you would like it to be around something specific please let us know.

Meirav Dulberg