Netball Tip #1 - AUG 22, 2018

Netball attire to consider before your first game:

wmnc_netball tips_insta-01.png

Uniform: WMNC has a full range of approved netball uniforms. For Under 11’s and 13’s this includes a pleated netball skirt, a WMNC polo and WMNC socks, for 15’s and above (including Opens) it is an A-line netball dress and WMNC socks. All uniforms can be purchased from our Uniform Co-ordinator.

Training shoes: Your trainers should have a strong sole with good support as using trainers intended for other sports, such as running, may result in an injury. The game is fast-paced and often demanding on your feet and ankles so a decent sports-specific netball shoe is highly recommended.  

Socks: Socks with good foot padding will make for a more comfortable experience. One suggestion is to wear two pairs of socks (or socks consisting of two layers) in order to avoid painful blisters.

Ankle and knee strapping: Due to the fact that the game often requires you to land from a height it is often preferred by many players to add strapping to your ankles and knees – make sure it is done correctly to ensure you don’t put unnecessary strain on your body.  

Jewellery, nails and hair: Jewellery is a definitive no-no and should not be worn on court; this will usually be checked by the umpires before the game. The umpire will also check the length of the players’ fingernails and the rule is with the hands reversed the nail should not be able to be seen over the fingertip. If your nails are longer you will need to place padding on them and have them tapped with the approved tapping. Also, hair should be tied back and out of the way at all times.

Enjoy your netball !!

Each fortnight we will be providing a ‘Netball’ tip. If you would like it to be around something specific please let us know.

Meirav Dulberg