Training for netball with KO Lifestyle & Fitness.

Whether you’re playing netball for fun or aiming to reach the highest levels, specialised training can help you achieve your netballing goals.  WMNC is therefore delighted to have entered into a partnership with KO Lifestyle and Fitness of Scoresby.

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As we all know, netball is a game that combines speed, agility and strength.  Traditionally netball training incorporated long running sessions in much the same way as footballers would train.  These days we understand that although fitness and aerobic strength is undoubtedly important, short, sharp running sessions that mimic actual match conditions are much more effective.

As opposed to field sports where endurance and the ability to run long distances is key, in netball, it’s all about explosive speed over the first few steps.  Combine this with the need to stop or change direction quickly and you’ll see that fast footwork and foot strength is essential. 

Skipping is a great exercise to encourage fancy footwork and staying on your toes and easily be incorporated into a warm up or warm down.

Brad from KO Lifestyle and Fitness  explains, “We’re big fans of skipping in our personal training sessions.  We find that exercise that limits the amount of heel strike (heels hitting the floor) helps build up the foot muscles and reduce impact related injury.  It’s also fun and doesn’t require anything other than a skipping rope.”

Core strength and balance is another factor that helps with on court success.  Whether you’re a defender trying to block an opponent’s shot for goal or an attacking player reaching out to take the ball, a strong mid section will help you balance and avoid injury.  A strong core can also help prevent back injuries and help you stay active in later life. A training regime that includes planks  and exercises involving balancing on a wobble board will have you heading in the right direction.

At WMNC we know that the chances of on court success are greatly improved if you put in the work in the off season and at training sessions.  This season, KO is offering our best on court players each week a free personal training session.  In addition to this generous offer, Brad and the KO team will be working with our players and coaching staff to help them get the most out of the game we all love.

Click here for more information about KO Lifestyle and Fitness and their partnership with Waverley Meadows Netball Club.

Meirav Dulberg